Kinetic Metallization: Handheld Gun

KM-Handheld Gun

Friction Compensated Sonic Nozzle Operating Pressure: 50-130psig
3.8kW Thermal Conditioning Unit Operating Temperature: 0-1000ºC
Weight: 5lb (2.2kg) Single Handed Operation


The KM-Handheld Gun was designed for repair and maintenance applications in house and in the field. The KM-Handheld Gun operates using the same principles as the KM-Gun including the friction compensated sonic nozzle. The KM-Handheld Gun features a 3.75 kW triple pass heater that remains cool during operation and a trigger for powder control. The light, robust design gives the operator superior maneuverability and accessibility. These features allow the operator to apply coatings where needed without any overspray.