Kinetic Metallization: Powder Fluidizing Units

Powder Fluidizing Units

Patented Brush Sieve Design Lightweight Pressure Vessel
Proven Consistent Feed Rate Powder Size: 500nm-50µm
Powder Mass Flow=Gas Mas Flow Feed Rate: 1-100g/min
1-Liter Capacity Optional in-situ powder blending with dual PFU configuration


The KM-PFU was originally developed 23 years ago to feed Al-Trans® powder into the then newly developed Kinetic Metallization System. It was designed to feed Al-Trans® powder with a consistent feed rate and a consistent flow rate. Once the Powder Fluidizing Unit was fully developed with successful results, Inovati continued development in order to repeat the results with a broader range of materials, as well as to make it lighter, more compact, and user friendly.

Inovati is currently on its 4th generation Powder Feeding Unit design, which is currently capable of consistently feeding over 60 different powders, including heavy metals such as Niobium and Tungsten Carbide. Inovati's Powder Fluidizing Unit is the only powder feeder on the market that can successfully deliver a consistent feed of Tungsten Carbide Cobalt to a cold spray system.