Kinetic Metallization: Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Dimensions: 65"W x 30"L x 52"H 1.5 HP - 120VAC/1/60 TEFC Motor
190 sq ft. Cartridge Filter HEPA After Filter
Safe Indoor Operation Sound Level (1m): 68dB


The Inovati Dust Collector is used to minimize powder buildup within the Kinetic Metallization Spray Enclosure. It attaches directly to the Spray Enclosure via the ducting from the bellypan. The 1.5 HP motor povides sufficient airflow through the Kinetic Metallization work area to pull excess powder out of the spray enclosure. The powder is then filtered through an ultra-web filter and into an easily accessible dust collection hopper for convenient storage and disposal. Once dust collection has been completed, the downtime pulse cleaner purges Nitrogen gas back through the system to clean out the filter of any powder clogging. The downtime cleaner is fully automated and will activate when the dust collector has been powered off.

The Dust Collector is also fitted with a pressure relief membrane known as the explosion vent to release any excessive pressure within the unit. Such an event is highly unlikely and has never occurred among any Inovati system to date; however, care is taken to ensure proper safety measures are implemented in case of such an occurance no matter how unlikely it may be.

The unit is also fitted with a HEPA after filter to eliminate environmental impact. The HEPA after filter lies at the end of the unit prior to release into the environment. The efficiency of the HEPA after filter is 99.97% at 0.3 micron particle size. This prevents any harmful powders from being released into the environment.