Kinetic Metallization: Coating Development System

KM-CDS: Coating Development System

The KM-CDS is our turn-key unit, designed for research of coating and repairs. The KM-CDS comes with a grate for spraying coupons, and a chuck for spraying rods. Since the hardware is the same, going from research to production is one software update away.

Standard Software

Raster: Deposit on flat surfaces up to 2 square feet.

Rotation: Coat the outside of rods, or use the KM Interior Diameter Gun to coat the inside of a cylinder.

Multi-Coupon: Suitable for optimizing coating parameters. Inovati's Multi-Coupon software and substrate holder allows operators to quickly coat of up to 10 samples.

Spline: Circular depositon path that can be adjusted to different radii.

Raster/Rotation: Inovati's Raster/Rotation software limits coating stresses and increases adhesion strength.




It takes less than 5 minutes to learn about the Kinetic Metallization™ system and available options: