Kinetic Metallization: Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Al-Trans® Characteristics

High Corrosion Resistance

High Conductivity

High Adhesion Strength

Metallurgical Bonding

Fully Dense

Self-Healing Abrasion Resistance

Ni-Trans™ Characteristics

Extreme Corrosion Resistance

High Adhesion Strength

Extreme Durability

Metallurgical Bonding

Fully Dense

Uneffected by High Temperature

KM WC-Co Characteristics

Tunable Hardness (700-1500 HVC)

Fully Dense

Good Corrosion Resistance

High Adhesion Strength

No Decarburization

Uneffected by High Temperatures


Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Kinetic Metallization™ (KM) is used to apply a wide variety of corrosion resistant coatings.

Inovati’s Al-Trans® line of KM coatings are ideal for protecting light metals like aluminum and magnesium. Al-Trans coatings have been developed to replace IVD, AlClad, and Brush Cadmium. Many of these coatings pass 5000 hours of salt spray testing. Additionally, Al-Trans 10-20-50 protects magnesium substrates for over 190 hours in ASTM B117-95 Neutral Salt Spray testing (whereas standard Dow coatings begin corroding in less than 24 hours under the same conditions). Click here for more information about Al-Trans coatings.

Inovati’s Ni-Trans line of KM coatings provide corrosion protection in even the most extreme environments. These coatings are harder than Al-Trans coatings and are tailored for greater temperature extremes. Click here for more information about Ni-Trans coatings.

Inovati has also developed a corrosion resistant WC coating as a part of the KM HF line of coatings. This wear and corrosion resistant coating has been qualified with over 1000 hours in salt fog, more than twice the life-time of competing HVOF coatings. Click here for more information about KM HF coatings.