Kinetic Metallization: NiCrAlY Liner

KM-CrAlY vs. Thermal Spray

Increased Thermal Barrier Uniformity

Increased Coating Durability

Reduced Coating Oxidation

Lower Equipment Cost

High Bond Strength

Fully Dense

Industries and Applications



Extreme Temperature Parts

Corrosion Resistance


NiCrAlY Liner

Kinetic Metallization™ (KM) successfully deposits oxidation resistant NiCrAlY coatings on to GrCop-84 rocket liners for NASA – Glenn Research Center. A CuCrAl bond-coat helped to mitigate the formation of Kirkendall voids due to increased diffusion across the NiCrAlY/GrCop-84 interface. This is attributed to the metallurgical bond nature of KM deposited coatings. The micrograph shows the fully-dense nature of the KM coating deposited on to a copper substrate. Note that the copper was not grit-blasted prior to deposition.

KM has been used to apply MCrAlY coatings for thermal protection in a variety of applications including rocket nozzles and gas turbine engine components. KM application of MCrAlY creates fully dense coatings and strong metallurgical bonds without the need for high-temperature heat-treatment in a vacuum to facilitate inter-diffusion. The low temperature of KM minimizes segregation, oxidation, and precipitation of the constituents, which creates more uniform and longer lasting protective surfaces.