Kinetic Metallization: High Performance Polymers

KM Polymers vs. Paint

Better Wear Resistance

Better Corrosion Resistance


Reduced Workplace Hazards

High and Low Temperature Compatible

100% Dense

Field Repairable

Highly Customizable Properties




High Performance Paint Alternative

Most high performance paints have environmental and worker safety shortcomings, including evolution of volatile organic compounds (VOC), flammability, and worker exposure limits.

Inovati has developed high performance polymer KM Coatings to replace these paints. The feedstock powder is deposited directly onto planar and complex surfaces using the Kinetic Metallization™ (KM) process. This means no solvents, binders, or other volatile organic compounds. These fully dense, environmentally benign coatings offer extreme corrosion protection of the underlying surface. Using KM also increases throughput by eliminating primers and drying times.

The properties of thermoplastic polymer materials, such as PEEK®, Ultem® PEI or Teflon® PTFE, can be enhanced through additions of ceramic or metallic particles. This enables the tuning of the wear, conductive, or dielectric properties of the coating.